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I am a professional export & Import Trader who makes global purchase simple from high quality factories in China, straightforward and most importantly, Quality Guaranteed and After-sevices.

My priority is to provide with China goods for my clients need in order to help achieve the financial success and perfect application we deserve from overseas market together.

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I graduated with Bachelor's degree from University Of Electronic Science And Technology Of China,Zhongshan Institute since 2014 in July, Major in Mechanism design, manufacturing and automatization for 4 years. 

My social jobs experience is more than 7 years dedicated in Progress Engineer,Overseas Region Sales Executive,Sales Representative,Overseas Marketing Manager. 

I always feel that all my business success achieved from my customers is directly related to the quality of the products and comprehensive service offered.

And my business intention is that we are not only business partners but also most important as friends coming from different places in the world.


Mr.Waylin Lam

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